888 – Germania

publica: March 28, 2018



On the same day they registered revenues for 2017, 888 indicated they were planning to withdraw from the German market. They may appeal against a German court order which ordered the cessation of his activity in Baden Württemberg

General situation

The situation, as it is, forbids online and terrestrial gambling operators to provide their services in many regions of Germany, such as Baden Württemberg, as decided by a German court. Everything has grown even more when several payment providers have decided to interrupt the deposits held for bookmakers doing business in Germany. In the light of all these developments, 888 is considering filing an appeal. The International Gambling Treaty in the country clarifies that online gambling is forbidden unless individual states enact laws to regulate them, but this is possible in contradiction with EU laws on the right to free trade across borders . Only a German state has legislated to authorize online games – Schleswig-Holstein in 2012 – but the law was abolished the following year. 888 said it included „general legal conclusions supporting the ban on online gambling offerings in Germany.”

u may decide to leave the country completely if they do not have an alternative.

Officials’ opinion

888 CEO Itai Frieberger said: „We did not make the decision to withdraw, and we owe ourselves and our shareholders to review and understand the situation before we can get a vision. We use a local counselor to help us we make a decision whether or not to challenge this decision. „

Brian Mattingley, 888 President, was more combative: „The company is very disappointed with this vast decision and, together with the group’s lawyer, considers possible actions, which may include a petition to the German Federal Constitutional Court and assess the status and scale of its offerings in the German Market „.

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